Climate Change Bibliography

Starting in December 2019, I went deep into the abyss of climate change, my world view totally changing. I was grappling with the reality of the future we face. I am more optimistic and more convinced now that we can revert the worst of climate change, but it’s going to take lots of effort.

Here are the best of the things I’m watching, reading and listening to on my journey to understand climate change.


  • Before the Flood: If you haven’t seen Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary Before the Flood, I highly recommend it. It’s a couple years old, but this movie is what started me down this path of becoming a climate activist.
  • Chasing Coral – About how 50% of our coral reefs have now died (coral bleaching) due to warming oceans.
  • A Life on Our Planet – David Attenborough. Great documentary. Tells the incredible story of the wonder of nature and our biodiversity, the gloomy picture of where we are headed, and a promising path forward.

Books I’ve Read


  • Vox’s Ezra Klein has a great series of podcasts on the climate crisis. I couldn’t find a link to the individual podcasts, but there are 3 podcasts in Nov & Dec 2019 in a series he did. Look for those–very educational.

Other Reading