Water Pollution

As I come to the end of my blog series, I am grateful for having this opportunity to voice my opinions on issues that are important to me. Classes such as these, give students like me the opportunity to learn and then educate others on the future of our planet. It has been very eye-opening […]

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Fun Fact: The only thing that you are allowed to throw out of your car in according to CA state laws is water and chicken feathers. Sadly, many people don’t follow these rules. Littering is easy. Can’t find a trash can? Just throw it on the street! However, although littering seems convenient to many people […]

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The sad truth about the US

Saw this on Facebook and had to repost here. This is the original but is only available to subscribers. Irish Times April 25, 2020 By Fintan O’Toole THE WORLD HAS LOVED, HATED AND ENVIED THE U.S. NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, WE PITY IT Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred a […]

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Cyclists & Outdoor enthusiasts: Want smarter gun regulations? …boycott Bell, Giro, Camelbak & Blackburn

You can help influence smarter gun regulations by boycotting Bell, Giro, Camelbak and Blackburn. Here’s how… The Parkland shooting has brought to the forefront how little we’ve done as a country to stop mass shootings and reduce gun deaths. Common sense gun laws could reduce gun deaths in the US while still allowing hunters & […]

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Cutting the Cord

Our Comcast bill at $215/month was a constant thorn in my side. At nearly $2,500 a year what were we really getting? Of the 1,923,452 channels that we had access to with Comcast we used about 5. We were constantly having to purchase movies either through Xfinity (because the $2,500 a year we were paying […]

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My 10 favorite life hacks

Now that we all carry smartphones 24/7 loaded with apps, some things in life have become simpler, others better. Here are some of my favorites apps, technologies and how I use them: Depositing checks from home. This has got to be one of the most amazing things ever. Take a picture of a check and whamo, its in […]

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