How young can kids ski?

Considering starting your 2 year old on skis? We did this and it went very well–our kids now 7 and 4 are great little skiers and love it.  

We started our daughter at the age of 3 and our son just before he turned 2. In both cases, my goal was to get them on the snow once or twice that first year with boots and skis on their feet. That’s it. 

The benefits of starting them so early are several:

  • They start to build a mental picture of what skiing is. When you tell them you are going skiing, they’ll know what you are doing. 
  • Starting this early will introduce them to the simple feeling of standing on the slippery snow with planks on their feet–these are skills that they can master now. 
  • As a parent (and possibly former diehard skier wondering when you’ll reclaim your life from diapers and Baby Einstein), that first day will open your eyes to the future of skiing with your kids. 

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If you think you are up for it, here are some tips: 

Don’t bother even buying a lift ticket. Find a wide open groomed area with some very gentle slopes. Let them walk around with the stiff boots on for a bit. Then put the skis on. Let them slide down gentle hills using their own balance. One tip is to have them bend at the waist, put skis shoulder width apart and put their hands on their knees. Wear your skis and boots at least for part of the time so they can learn from you.  Let them fall–they really can’t get hurt at this age. Laugh. Quit before they get bored and go have a snowball fight. Finish up with hot chocolate.

Ski boots at 2
Ski boots at 2

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